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Helping women design a life of lasting change.

Healthy is a decision!

Meditation by the Beach

Bring joy, wellness, selfcare and introduce a healthier lifestyle whether it is life or health.



Maritza Figueroa

My passion is coaching women who want to manage their stress from everyday life challenges. I love working with women who feel they do not have the time to self-care. I strive to contribute my knowledge of nutrition, health, and lifestyle skills with excellent care. I believe that every woman deserves to be her best.
It has become the work of my life.

THRIVEHealthcoach & Ritz Delightful Bites


Advanced Nutrition Program

6 weeks: $697

12 weeks: $1297



Cultivating Soil and Spirit Nurture with Nature $1297


Spa Day:  Embrace: “You Do You” -$1757 Experience and expect a day filled of pure self-love in the comfort of your home. Take the day to pamper yourself. You can choose from a full body massage, manicure, pedicure, hair, lunch. Six hours self-care along with 45 minutes of coaching. Treat yourself you deserve it!